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OLC Staff Headshots 2023 001.jpg

Children's Ministry Director

Berenice Ramirez

Mrs. B has a deep passion to teach children about the God through art, play, and relational connection. She was raised in Ensenada, Mexico and now enjoys being in Socal with her husband, Marcos and two sons. If you want to spend some quality time with her, invite her out to get her favorite food: Fish tacos and beer.

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Pastor of Liturgy

Elliot Chung

The Pastor of Liturgy is responsible for guiding and shaping One Life’s worship experiences. The role integrates teaching, corporate worship, and prayer seamlessly, fostering a sense of spiritual growth and connection among our congregation and community.

I also like meeting with people over a meal, coffee or boba.

OLC Staff Headshots 2023 003.jpg

Youth Director

Kate Lee

As youth director on the One Life City Church team, I pray that the young people in our church will feel encouraged and empowered to live out their lives in discipleship with Christ and one another. There is a uniquely special place for youth in God's kingdom and in our community, and it will be a privilege to grow together as we discover more of this with each other. I myself grew up going to church in Fullerton, and it is a blessing to be back in this space.

OLC Staff Headshots 2023 007.jpg

Pastor of Spiritual Formation

Dave Wang

Our formation into the likeness of Christ (2 Corinthians 3:17-18) is at the center of Christian discipleship.  This process of formation is a lifelong journey that transforms our entire being, including our spiritual life (i.e., spiritual formation), our humanity (i.e., human formation), our intellectual faculties (i.e., intellectual formation), as well as our ministry giftings (i.e., pastoral formation).  My role as Pastor of Formation at One Life City Church is to support and accompany our congregation through this process of transformation.  I do this primarily through a teaching ministry, personal interactions, and by cultivating contexts whereby individuals, small groups, and large groups can gather together regularly to listen to the Holy Spirit (through the Word of God) and speak authentically and courageously into each others’ lives.

OLC Staff Headshots 2023 009.jpg

Pastor of Leadership & Development

Jay Wu

Our Pastor of Leadership & Mobilization gives directional leadership for the growth and sustainability of the church. This role works with our leaders, empowering and encouraging them to lead in ways that God’s created them to lead.

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